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Basic6 CES2016

GearDb has been keeping an eye on LiFi companies at CES. (view the LiFi category for past posts) LiFi is like WiFi but uses modulated light instead of radio waves. So it was great to see Basic6 at CES 2016. Basic6 is an award-winning tech company (Interop 2014) based in Westport, CT and has partnered with Oledcomm, the French LiFi hardware provider that exhibited the previous 2 years at CES.

Basic6 exhibited a suite of new software and hardware LiFi products. They had a retail floor demonstration where LiFi-enabled tablets receive & display dynamic product information from the nearest LiFi LED lamps. Customer information associated with each LiFi lamp such as number of customers, visit time and duration are logged for customer behavior analysis.

Next there was a data streaming demo used LiFi to transmit encoded music to a LiFi-enabled table radio (Ladio?)  And Basic6 showed their new LiFi adapter which can be placed between an existing LED lamp head and socket base. This adapter communicates with a hub on how it should modulate the light emitted from the LED lamp. Communication between the adapter and hub can be bi-directional using WiFi or other existing wireless RF protocols. (Contact for pricing and availability.)

With Basic6 on the scene, the US market for LiFi has taken a promising step forward.

Visit for more details and some great LiFi explanations – and see their CES blog post for several videos from CES.



At CES 2016, the newly-formed Airbus Defence and Space group presented a core system to detect, track and counter UAVs. Initial detection will be with X band radar at up to 4 km range followed with thermal and optical color imaging out to 1.5 km.  (These ranges are for small DJI Phantom-like drones – longer ranges for larger UAVs) A radio direction finder will be used to locate the operator.  A UAV signature database will be available for the “human in the loop” to determine type.  Jamming of the radio control frequency, operator video feed, and GPS spoofing can be applied if the operator cannot be located or if the UAV is autonomous.  This is an institutional (.gov / mega corp) grade system, not residential…unless you’re Bill Gates, etc.  (there’s a nice video and image gallery!)


French-based E.Sensory is a CES 2016 Innovation Honoree for their B.Sensory “Little Bird” vibrator and control + synchronization app. The Little Bird will vibrate in one of 10 different modes as well as varying intensity based on settings in the ebook, audio file or video file. Currently the media files are prepared by E-SENSORY but the capability for authors and publishers to do the mark up is in the works. The Little Bird is intended to be inserted into the vagina and is sheathed in waterproof, body-safe silicone elastomer. It is USB rechargeable, can run for about 90 minutes and can be controlled both locally via BlueTooth and globally over the internet. The Little Bird is taking phone sex to a new level. The imaginative GearDb reader will of course realize many additional applications are sure to be found for E.Sensory technology.

Details and online shopping for the Little Bird are at and corporate information at

Securmate showed their concept pocket-sized & portable premise security system at the CES 2016 Eureka Park startup pavilion.  At a minimum, you have a control / communication unit about the size of a medium smart phone and a matchbox-sized sensor (2 AAA batteries) which communicate via WiFi.

You can secure the door(s) or window(s) of a hotel room, a motor home, a dorm room, an apartment or basement storage unit – pretty much any open / close access panel with one or multiple sensors. (no hard-coded limit!)  When a security breach is detected, the sensor signals the control unit which then can text ($3/mo) or email the designated entity.


iTwin Secure Remote Access Keys

iTwin Secure Remote Access Keys

Do you want to travel light yet have secure access to all the data on your home or office computer? Then take a look at the iTwin encryption key system.  It consists of 2 USB dongles that share the same 256 bit encryption key.  Plug one into the host computer and the other your remote client. (both have to run Windows)  You can then access the host and all data transmitted is encrypted.  Should you lose one of the twins, you can remotely deactivate the keys.  You can also require a password to initiate the connection session.

The AR Drone by Parrot

Ah, the AR Drone by  It is a helicopter with 4 rotor blades that you control with an iPhone.  But wait, there’s more!  It has 2 onboard cameras – a front facing VGA and a lower res downward one.  You can see the VGA video on your IPhone and play augmented reality games, including dogfighting another AR Drone.  So cool!

Here’s a few other ideas – what if you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam and can’t see what the problem is? Which side of the roadway is the obstacle?  Is the jam a short one or does it stretch for miles? Or what if you are offroad and wish you could have a birds eye view from about 150 feet up?  Well if you had an AR Drone on board you’d be golden.  Battery life is about 15 minutes and max range is about 50 meters.  If you are a software programmer, the AR Drone has an open development SDK so you can do more “not as yet imagined” fun stuff.

Parrot also makes car audio and handsfree Bluetooth cell phone devices as well as bespoke home WiFi audio components and digital picture display frames.