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Nope, not SETI as in Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence but  Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.  This SETI specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling LEDs that emit Deep UV light for sterilization applications.  Fittingly, SETI LEDs have been used for sterilization on the International Space Station.

Closer to Earth, amongst the legions of *BORING* cell phone cases and accessories, a unique one emerges.  SETI is developing a rechargeable battery powered UV-C flip top case called the UVCLEAN for sterilizing cellphones.  Consider all the oil from your skin and face collecting on your phone, add on all the stuff that sticks to that oil and you better not imagine what’s growing there.

The idea is that with the UVCLEAN you can easily sterilize your phone multiple times a day and on the go with a ~3 minute exposure cycle that should kill 99.9% of the germs on every exposed surface – not just the screen.  Also, with no cleaning fluids involved, you don’t have to worry about flooding and damaging your phone via the buttons or switches.  (You should still wipe your phone to remove skin oil smudges.)  The UVClean case could be a must have device for health care and food service workers.

If your phone is shaped like an iPhone 5 (or smaller than one) then you’re good to go.  They are aiming for a late April retail sale date and a ~$80 price tag.  Cases for other phones and tablets are in the works.

Biffy Bag - Now you can go on the go!

No, you’re not looking at a drawing of some sort of exotic Tropical island beachwear – aka sarong or lava lava.  Instead you are looking at the future of mobile human waste collection.  How about them horse apples?

Basically the Biffy Bag is a specially designed plastic bag that wraps around your waist and also channels your waste (#1 & #2) into a central pouch which contains a substance that solidifies liquids, enhances the natural decomposition process and neutralizes odor.   I’ve completely “evaluated” the Biffy Bag and let’s just say it’s rather forgiving of poor “aim” so just point “it” in a roughly Southern direction and let gravity take its course.  Ladies it’s a breeze – pack 2 in your purse, one to share and one just for you. Repeat after me “Sorry that was my last one – those leaves don’t look like poison ivy – go there.”

So can you do the Biffy in a moving vehicle and still stay spiffy?  I’d say yes, especially if you’ve Biffy’d before and the vehicle isn’t too crowded.  I imagine some rough humor could result if your driver suddenly takes evasive maneuvers – “Iceberg dead ahead!” or “Crazy Ivan”.   Hey what are friends truly for?

After the dirty deed is done, “everything” folds up into an opaque sealable pouch and yes toilet tissue and a nicely-sized moist towelette are included.  American ingenuity and innovation still live and a fine example awaits you at  They ship worldwide because we are one planet, one people, one log and “Let’s get together and feel all right.”