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SL Interphase demonstrated their prototype Nitro Duo at CES Eureka Park. It lets you toggle between Windows 10 and Android in one combined handheld unit. Each OS runs on its own hardware – CPU, RAM, Disk – and they share a 5″ touch screen and I/O ports.

Android runs on a Freescale quad core iMX-6 with 2GB of DDR2 Ram. Windows runs on a Intel quad core Atom with 4GB of DDR3 Ram and a 256GB SSD. A Xilinx FPGA handles the switching between the two and manages, power, ports, a 4GLTE modem and other peripherals. You can either have both systems running at the same time or have one go to sleep.

The Nitro Duo will have a dock for charging plus 3 USB, an HDMI and an ethernet port.

If you’re familiar with using the Eclipse IDEs for developing in Java (or C / C++) to write for Android or desktop applications, then think of MicroEJ (EJ = Embedded Java) as offering a similar dev path but for embedded devices.  MicroEJ has rapid development tools for both rich UI apps and embedded device logic across a wide range of capabilities starting with a virtual machine with 28 KB of Flash and less than 1.5 KB RAM and on up to State of the Art high end devices.


MicroEJ came to CES 2016 to expand their global market presence.  They were founded in 2004, are HQ’d in Nantes, France and have offices in Paris, Munich and Austin.  MicroEJ is the operating brand name of Industrial Smart Software Technology (IS2T S.A.)  (take a look at their video library of features and applications)


French-based E.Sensory is a CES 2016 Innovation Honoree for their B.Sensory “Little Bird” vibrator and control + synchronization app. The Little Bird will vibrate in one of 10 different modes as well as varying intensity based on settings in the ebook, audio file or video file. Currently the media files are prepared by E-SENSORY but the capability for authors and publishers to do the mark up is in the works. The Little Bird is intended to be inserted into the vagina and is sheathed in waterproof, body-safe silicone elastomer. It is USB rechargeable, can run for about 90 minutes and can be controlled both locally via BlueTooth and globally over the internet. The Little Bird is taking phone sex to a new level. The imaginative GearDb reader will of course realize many additional applications are sure to be found for E.Sensory technology.

Details and online shopping for the Little Bird are at and corporate information at