The GOPUCK line of USB reserve power banks have a very versatile geometry. If you want a clean, smooth shape with no belt clip protrusions, just completely and quickly remove the Active Mount clip that grips diagonally opposite corners of the 3″ square GOPUCK.

If you want to securely clip the GOPUCK to a strap, belt or cord, the beefy Active Mount will do that. You can also use the countersunk center hole to screw or bolt the Active Mount to a surface or to attach a camera or other device. And let’s not forget glue, tape and Velcro. Two Active Mounts can be attached to a GOPUCK.

There’s currently “3X” (4400mAh / 4oz) and “5X” (6600mAh / 6 oz) versions of the GOPUCK which indicate the number of times a small cell phone could be recharged. The next version, the “6XR” (9000mAh / 6.5 oz) will also feature a ~75% faster charge rate and will be out in early 2016.

All GOPUCKs have dual 2.4 Amp fullsize USB outputs, a micro USB input, 4 segment LED power level indicator, corner off/on switch and come with an Active Mount and 3′ micro USB cord.   www.GOPUCK.com

(GearDb received a GOPUCK 5X for review/eval at CES 2016 and will post periodic real life usage updates here.)