aifi_speaker.gsenwkwokcyyfxjeny3eSwedish company aiFi has a wonderfully designed and implemented stackable speaker system.  You can stack the speakers either side by side or on top of each other and an IR port will link them.  Audio characteristics of the speaker array will adjust to optimum as speakers are added.  Each speaker unit is autonomous, has a ~ 8 hr battery life and Bluetooth, analog line-in (1/8″ /3.5mm plug) or  S/PDIF optical input.  The speakers have a gentle radius so if you have 20 speakers set side to side they will form a circle.   There’s also a multi-color LED bezel and an app to control the speakers.  I like to imagine a group of friends all using an aiFi individually but also getting together for parties and everyone brings their aiFi to stack together.

And here’s a cool stealth feature – if 2 “master” speakers, each with their own audio input are paired, one will randomly become the new master – because you know “there can only be one.”  So place your bets on which genre will reign supreme.