I’m opening this day’s summary with a BIG THANK YOU to the National Science Foundation which was one of the sponsors of the Eureka Park startup area.  The 1st floor had the early stage startups and Eureka Park: Next on the 2nd had companies a bit further along.  Our tax dollars well-spent I’d say.

Innovega-inc.com displayed several wearable, augmented reality glasses which they feel represent the next stage of development beyond Google Glass.  VergenceLabs.com stopped by for a very friendly visit in the Innovega booth and showed their Epiphany Eyewear product.  Good karma comes to those who share and play nicely.

CulCharge.com show’d their nicely-constructed, compact USB <=> Lighting connector cable.  It’s keychain sized and should sell for about $25.

PhoneSoap.com makes an AC-powered compact UV-lamp sterilizer.  It’s available for sale now for $50 and can handle large smart phones.

ChargerLeash.com just launched a line of USB cables that have a built-in alarm module.  If you forget your cable, it starts buzzing in ~3 seconds.  If someone unplugs your phone and runs off with it, the buzzing starts in ~3 seconds.  Prices range from $23-$30 depending on tip type.

If you’re tired about always hearing about KickStarter, then take a look at indiegogo.com.

YouAskAnyone.com launched their crowdsourcing opinion judgement website.  Basically you post your position or statement, then someone posts a counterpoint and then everyone who gives a crap can vote on which side they agree with.  Bragging rights are earned and drinks are won?

DryTunes.com launched their combination dry box and waterproof speaker.  It’s about lunch box-sized  and has about 400 cubic inches of storage space.  It’s price is also just under $400.  You can connect your playback device via BlueTooth or an interior cable.  DryTunes will be at the ShotShow next week, so I’ll stop by for more info and hands on.

Stay tuned for detailed posts with images for these CES products as well as more news from the ShotShow – guns, guns, guns as well as all kinds of other outdoor lifestyle items.