The AR Drone by Parrot

Ah, the AR Drone by  It is a helicopter with 4 rotor blades that you control with an iPhone.  But wait, there’s more!  It has 2 onboard cameras – a front facing VGA and a lower res downward one.  You can see the VGA video on your IPhone and play augmented reality games, including dogfighting another AR Drone.  So cool!

Here’s a few other ideas – what if you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam and can’t see what the problem is? Which side of the roadway is the obstacle?  Is the jam a short one or does it stretch for miles? Or what if you are offroad and wish you could have a birds eye view from about 150 feet up?  Well if you had an AR Drone on board you’d be golden.  Battery life is about 15 minutes and max range is about 50 meters.  If you are a software programmer, the AR Drone has an open development SDK so you can do more “not as yet imagined” fun stuff.

Parrot also makes car audio and handsfree Bluetooth cell phone devices as well as bespoke home WiFi audio components and digital picture display frames.